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What Clients Are Saying

Brian has been absolutely invaluable in the home-buying (and selling) process. My wife and I purchased our first home (a condo) in 2014. We sold it and purchased our current home in 2018. Brian was our agent for all three processes.

Brian simply understands the Atlanta real estate market and he knows what to look for in homes, be it red flags or value-adding features. He knows that buying a home can be scary, particularly for younger people, and he has always done a great job of alleviating concerns and fears. In both of our purchases, we were (arguably) very picky because we knew exactly what we wanted in a home. Brian was incredibly patient with us as it took almost a year to find our current home.

As a client, Brian will fight tooth and nail for you and seems to always find a middle ground such that all parties are happy and satisfied.

I can't recommend Brian enough.

Devan and Joanna Graham - Satisfied Home Buyers and Sellers - Multiple Time

Brian and Ashley were cool, calm and collected through the entire sale and purchase of our homes (me not so much). We pushed through every obstacle and I am totally pleased with the results on both the sale and the purchase side. Not only was Brian a true professional agent, he actually ran to the hardware store and dug in the mud to fix a water line that was hit by the septic inspectors at the last minute so we would be having running water for closing. Certainly not something I would expect from my agent but we were so delighted.

Mike Derman - Satisfied Home Buyer and Seller