Tangible vs Digital Memories

by Brian and Ashley Vanderhoff 09/03/2019

In this new digital era, we are recording our experiences with videos, photos and social media. If we were to lose our phones, many of us may lose our memories. Tangible artifacts recall memories that are much more vibrant and vivid than digitally viewing them. Experts believe that tangible memories are important because technology only helps us to recall in audio or visual ways. The senses of taste, smell and touch are better conjured by rifling through old picture boxes and albums.

While searching through a box of my grandmother's things, I was connected to those senses when I found one of her recipes. Handwritten in her beautiful print, the words fade with every passing year. That got me thinking other way to better preserve it and I digitally came across this idea. HERE, her recipe could be printed on a wall mural and displayed in my kitchen. What a wonderful, tangible way to honor my many memories of her.

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Brian and Ashley Vanderhoff

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